Portafilter Stand


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Need a stand to hold your portafilter level on the amazing Brewista Smart Scale™? Take your pick from three different sizes, on us!

After you've "purchased" this Brewista Printables item, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to download a ZIP file with:

  • Three 3D printable STL files - one for each size of portafilter stand.
  • Portafilter Stand sizing instructions (PDF)
  • Portafilter Stand sizing template instructions (PDF)

To determine which size Portafilter Stand you need, print the PDF titled, “Portafilter Stand sizing instructions”. Make sure that you print at 100% and do not scale the image at all. For instructions on how to use that sizing template, open the PDF titled, “Portafilter Stand sizing template instructions.”  

Here are a few tips from our experience to help save you some time:

  • The La Marzocco portafilters we tested fit best on Portafilter Stand A.
  • The Rancilio portafilters we have fit best on Portafilter Stand C.
  • We had a few other portafilters that fit best on Portafilter Stand B.

If you have a portafilter that isn’t anywhere close to the sizes we've provided, let us know!  We’ll do what we can to make a file that fits your portafilter too.

Once you've 3D printed the correct Portafilter Stand, make sure you're placing it properly. To get the most accurate results with any scale, the weight needs to be centered on the platform. To best position your Portafilter Stand, simply place the circle with the Brewista "B" in the center of your scale platform. 

Note: Scale and Portafilter not included.

Note: Due to minor modifications and regional market differences, the actual product may differ slightly from that pictured.