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Cold Pro™ Commercial Brewing System Upgrade Kits


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Upgrade your current system to the Cold Pro™ System!  Choose from the following options:

  • Upgrade kit for the Curtis® TC-10H stainless steel dispenser
  • Upgrade kit for the Toddy® Commercial Cold Brewing System
  • Go premium with extras!

Brewista® proudly introduces the Cold Pro™ System. With a simple (patented) lift, twist and drain design, it eliminates the mess, waste and frustration that come with most commercial cold brew systems. The open design of the Brewista® slotted filter basket allows users to stir the grounds, reducing steeping time and preventing the waste caused by grounds left unsaturated inside a sealed bag.

Brewista's slotted filter basket is the heart of the system. Gone are the days of lost batches due to ruptured bag filters.

Each Basic Cold Pro™ Upgrade Kits include:

  • Cold Pro™ Permanent Filter: BPA free polypropylene 
  • Adaptor Ring for use with:
    • Curtis® TC-10H Stainless Steel Dispenser
    • The Toddy® Commercial Cold Brewing System's Carlisle® Bain Marie™ 22 qt container

Choose the Premium upgrade pack for the smoothest start to using your new system.  The Premium Cold Pro™ Upgrade Kits the above plus:

  • Outlet Filter Holder
  • Dispensing Spigot
  • 5 micron Outlet Filters - 3 pack
  • Paper Filters - 20 pack
  • Sample pack of Cafetto® brand Cold Pro™ Cleaner
  • Please note: The bucket is not included in this kit. You must provide your own Curtis® TC-10H Stainless Steel Dispenser or Toddy® Commercial Cold Brewing System in order to make cold brew.
Other key features include:
  • Complete immersion of grounds - means delivery of consistent flavor profiles
  • Easy draining - lift and turn mechanism
  • Triple filter option - great for bottling a clean brew (permanent filter, paper filter & 5 micron outlet filter
  • Simple to clean - Sample pack of Cafetto brand Cold Pro™ Cleaner included
  • NSF Certified

Protected by US patents: D774,352; D779,875; D820,040; 10,016,088; and China patent CN106037483B

Curtis® is a registered trademark of Wilbur Curtis Company.  This product is not endorsed by Curtis®.
Toddy® is a registered trademark of Toddy, LLC Limited Liability Company Colorado. This product is not endorsed by Toddy®.
Carlisle® is a registered trademark of Carlisle Intangible Company CORPORATION DELAWARE. These products are not endorsed by Carlisle®.

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