Smart Essentials™ Full Cone Filters 252 - 100 pack


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Smart Essentials Full Cone Filters 252 (BEFCF252) work with the Brewista Smart Dripper Full Cone Glass Dripper, Hario® V60* drippers, most cone style drippers and all Brewista Smart Brew™ Hourglass Brewers. As with all Smart Essentials pour over filters, the thickness of the paper used is uniquely matched with the shape of the brewer for optimal extraction. Using 52 g/m2 virgin paper, these filters allow for the perfect flow rate with a full cone dripper or hourglass brewer.

Like every style of Smart Essentials pour over filter save time and effort since they don’t require pre-wetting! The proprietary laboratory grade paper traps bitter oils and sediment without imparting any flavor into the brew. The woven construction of these full cone style filters provides consistently precise flow through performance without weak spots channeling water through grounds too quickly.

Smart Essentials pour over filters are warehoused in and distributed from the USA for faster fulfillment. Purchase quantities are limited only by the amount of inventory on hand, which is plenty. Buy all you want, we’ll make more!

  • Laboratory-grade paper
  • 100% virgin wood pulp
  • Paper thickness paired with brewer shape for optimal extraction
  • Woven material traps oils and sediment
  • Consistent flow through without weak spots
  • Pre-wetting isn't necessary
  • Imparts no flavor
  • Works with the most popular hourglass and cone style pour over brewers
  • Warehoused in and distributed from the US for faster fulfillment

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