Try Before You Buy the Cold Pro Nitro™

Brewista Cold Pro Nitro™Try before you buy! 

Not sure if the Brewista Cold Pro Nitro™ is right for you? Try it in your own shop to find out.

Simply pay for shipping and handling to and from your location and use the Cold Pro Nitro™ for a week. A security deposit is required and restrictions do apply.

Contact for complete details and to have a demonstration unit shipped to you today.

Boost your cold brew sales with Nitro!

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Notes about our Cold Pro Nitro™ Demo Program:

  • A shipping and handling fee of $99 USD is required to participate in the Cold Pro Nitro™ demonstration program.
    • The $99 fee will be deducted from the purchase price of a Cold Pro Nitro™ dispenser
  • Participants must sign a demonstration program agreement contract.
  • A security deposit of $1,600 USD will be taken via credit card.
    • The security deposit will be released upon return of the demonstration Brewista Cold Pro Nitro™ unit to Brewista Inc.
    • Any or all of the deposit may be withheld by Brewista Inc. for the purpose of repairs if the unit is returned with damages.
  • Failure to return the demonstration unit will result in the credit card on file being charged for the full retail amount of the unit.
  • A daily charge of $25 USD will be assessed for failure to return the unit within the time specified in the contract.
  • Additional restrictions apply and are noted in the demonstration program agreement contract.