NutraMilk Nut Processor & Milk Maker

Use virtually any type of nut to make fresh, delicious and chemical-free nut milk at home in minutes!

Expected availability in the USA: Fall 2017
Expected availability for International locations: December 2017

Do you love fresh nut milk, but you don’t love the tedious process of making it at home? We understand. That’s why Brewista developed the NutraMilk.

NutraMilk Nut ProcessorThe Brewista NutraMilk is the brain child of Brewista president, Brian Gross, who recognized the need for a simpler and faster method for making fresh, wholesome nut milk. 

For more than three years Brewista has worked closely with the Industrial Design department of the Metropolitan State University of Denver. That relationship earned Brewista the MSU Denver Community Partner Award in 2016. The NutraMilk project was initially developed over the course of two semesters at MSU Denver in 2015. 

The research and ideations of the students were built upon and refined by Brewista designers and engineers to make the NutraMilk viable for manufacturability.

In 2017, the NutraMilk was selected as a finalist for the International Housewares Association Global Innovation Award competition.

Using the NutraMilk is easy!

How the NutraMilk Nut Processor works

NutraMilk makes fresh nut milk in 12 minutes or less!

Did you know?
The NutraMilk™ Nut Processor began as a year-long research and design project in the Industrial Design program at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  One semester was spent researching the current methods of making nut milks and a second semester was used to convert this knowledge into a device to create fast and pure nut milk. Students with contributions to the design and function of the machine will be listed on the patents!