When will the Brewista Cold Pro Nitro 2™ pay off?


Brewista introduced the innovative Cold Pro Nitro 2™ this July in Single Tap and Dual Tap models. These machines infuse your supplied cold brew with atmospheric nitrogen and chill each beverage to a crisp 35.6°F / 2°C before dispensing for an extra smooth nitro cold brew without the hassle!  With the Cold Pro Nitro 2™ Dual, you can dispense chilled Nitro and Still Cold Brew from the same machine with the same size footprint as the Single Tap machine!

Why offer Nitro Cold Brew?

The process of making cold brew coffee requires no heat.  This results in a lower-acid beverage that's gentler on the stomach and teeth, but some aromas and mouth feel are naturally lost due to the lack of heat.  By infusing nitrogen into your cold brew coffee with the Brewista Cold Pro Nitro 2™, you have the capability of bringing back some of those characteristics.  Nitrogination adds significantly smaller bubbles than carbonation does, resulting in a smoother mouth feel and sweeter taste and aroma.  

Why the Cold Pro Nitro 2™?

There are many options on the market today for infusing your cold brew with nitrogen.  Most of these options are heavy, require multiple pieces of equipment, and take time to set up.  Here's a quick list of facts that make the Cold Pro Nitro 2™ easier to setup and use than the average kegerator:

  • Portable and easy to move since it is over 60% lighter weight than the average kegerator machine
    • Nitro 2™: 52 lbs / 24 kg  vs. Kegerator: 136 lbs / 62 kg
  • No Nitrogen kegs are needed
  • Air is filtered to 0.1 micron
  • Both Single and Dual Tap units have a plug and play setup. They're ready to go in 2 minutes!

The current MSRP of the Nitro 2™ is $3,395 for the Single Tap model and $3,995 for the Dual Tap model.  As with any quality piece of equipment essential to your shop, the Nitro 2™ is an investment.  But as a business owner, you need to know when you will get your investment back!  We're here to help.

Here's an example

A local coffee shop that's been in business for about 5 years wants to keep up with the new Nitro beverage trend and add Nitro Cold Brew to their menu.  After in-depth research about all of the options, this shop's owner decides to purchase the Brewista Cold Pro Nitro 2™ for the cost of $3,395.00.  The main draw to this machine was its small footprint and ease of setup.  The shop owner knows that space is at a premium in the shop!  And that it's better to offer more customer seating space or display space for high-margin items than to take up that space with large pieces of equipment.  This shop owner also does not want to spend extra time maintaining equipment.  This time could be used helping customers or spending time with family after hours.

When the package arrives, the shop owner is amazed at how small the Nitro 2™ is!  It only takes up about 2 square feet on the countertop with no additional equipment under the counter or in a fridge somewhere.  Since this shop already uses a Brewista® Cold Pro™ system, set up is a snap!  Within just a few minutes, the owner and staff are eagerly taste-testing the new nitro beverage and adding it to the menu.  

So when did this shop owner get back the investment in the machine?  With the average cost of a 12 oz cup of cold brew coffee being $0.69 cents each and sold for $4.29 each, the margin on each cup is $3.60 (or $4.29 - $0.69).  If this shop sells approx fifteen 12 oz cups of nitro cold brew per day, the margin on this beverage per day is $54.00.  Divide the initial investment of $3,395 by the daily margin of $54 and you'll find that this shop owner will have a return on investment of 63 days or about 2 months!


Try it for yourself!

Use the calculator below to calculate your ROI in the Cold Pro Nitro 2™!  Enter in your cost of a 12 oz cup of Cold Brew coffee, your retail price per 12 oz cup that customers pay, and finally the average number of cups of nitro cold brew you expect to sell.  The calculator will do the rest!

Note: If you're not sure how many nitro beverages you would sell per day, take a tally of cold brew and/or iced coffee sales for 2 weeks, preferably in the summer.  Then find the average of these sales per day and enter it in the calculator below: