What's the Deal with the New Kettle Base?

New Generation Brewista Kettle Base

by Nic Tracy

If you didn't know, the new generation of kettles from Brewista is here! With three different kettle body options, they all feature the same new base... so what gives? Why did we switch it up from the old kettles?


Oh boy, this base has some seriously robust features! It's got your classic variable temperature control settings along with a keep warm function (for up to an hour - we don't want to waste your power), but there is so much more than that!

First, you can set what time and temperature you'd like the kettle to be ready to brew at with the Auto Brew function. A watched pot never boils - just have it ready to brew as soon as you wake up!

Second, the Smart Boil function forgoes all temperature finessing and sends the water straight up to boiling - but what makes it a smart function? Glad you asked! Despite what elementary schools teach, water doesn't always boil at 212° Fahrenheit or 100° Celsius; boiling temperature goes down as elevation goes up. Because there is no set "boiling temp," this  base is programmed to sense when it has reached the boiling temp for your altitude and then stop heating - this way, you won't have a kettle over-boiling until all the water evaporates!

Lastly, it has a built-in timer that can count up or down and will continue counting even if you set the kettle back down on the base! The previous generation of kettles, while fantastic in their own rights, reset the timer if the kettle was put back on the base, and the Artisan collection lacked the Auto Brew and altitude-specific boiling protection that the new Smart Boil feature provides.

Brewista new kettle base timer

the new timer in action (with the kettle on the base)!

Construction and Certifications

The base is a hybrid of the first generations of Smart and Artisan series, blending the functionality and durability of the Smart series with the sleek aesthetic of the Artisan series. It has the same haptic touch control of the Artisans rather than tactile buttons, but rather than featuring a glass touch surface it is a hardened plastic that is much more durable and receptive than the first generation.

Lastly, the new bases are ETL Commercially Certified in the USA! In layman's terms, this basically means that the electrical components have been tested by an independent third party, who determined that they comply with industry standards and regulations. The Commercial Certification is huge; while the first generation of Smart kettles was ETL Certified for home use, it had not been tested or certified for commercial use and the Artisans lacked electrical certifications (most kettles on the market do not have any certifications either). The first generation of kettles definitely had some classic pieces in it; however, the Smart and Artisan series were designed by separate Brewista teams, leading to the different functions and certifications possessed by each series. Through this new base, the new line takes the best of both previous series and consolidates them into one fantastic group of kettles!

Our new kettles have the best and highest-rated electrical certifications out of any kettles for specialty coffee on the market, making them the safest kettles available!

Want to see the kettles in action? Check them out in the 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday promo video!

Brewista Black Friday Cyber Monday Launch Video