Meet the Team Series: Christian Krause

Our November Meet the Team installment features Brewista's very first hire, Mr. Christian Krause!

Brian and Christian at the Denver Bronco's Mile High Stadium in Colorado.

Name and Title:

Christian Krause, Brand Manager/Designer

How long have you been with the Brewista team and what do you enjoy most about being a part of it?

Christian: I was fortunate enough to be hired as Brewista’s first employee in August, 2014 while still attending school for Industrial Design at Metropolitan State University of Denver. I have a prior degree in Organizational Communications from the University of Utah, and the combination of those two degrees has served me well in my role as Brand Manager. 

I love that the work is never stagnant or routine at Brewista. The only constant is change. I’ve never known any company to move so quickly, bringing innovative products to market at the pace we do.

We all wear multiple hats and play to each other’s strengths. Everyone steps up whenever or wherever needed. It may sound cliché, but our corporate environment really is more like family. I’ve had dozens of jobs and a few careers in my life, but never one with a more cohesive and focused team. 

What is/are your favorite Brewista product or products and why?

Christian: Our Ratio Scale is by far my favorite product. It is an amazing tool for training users how to properly brew pour over coffee. I didn’t come to Brewista with a deep background in coffee, so I really appreciate the way it walks me through each step of the process in such an intuitive manner.

What is your favorite brewed beverage?

Christian: I’m as simple as they come, so my brewed beverage of choice is coffee; black. 

Anything else you'd like to add?

Christian: I am very blessed to have the job I’ve got. For a majority much of my life I would go to work and say, “This is what I have to do today.” As part of the Brewista team it’s, “This is what I get to do today.” 


Speaking with some convention attendees at Coffee Fest Los Angeles in August of 2018.

Painting comic book characters on the wall!