Meet the Team Series: Christian Ethridge

Name and Title:

Christian Ethridge, Operations Manager

How long have you been with the Brewista team and what do you enjoy most about being a part of it?

Christian: I have been with Brewista since December 2016. Working with and serving great people makes every day something to look forward to.

What is your favorite Brewista product and why?

Christian: My favorite Brewista product is yet to be launched. The Cold Pro Jr.! This new product takes Brewista’s functional cold brew system and places it in a two-liter format. Perfect for experimentation in a shop or home use.

What is your favorite brewed beverage?

Christian: Any quality cup of coffee.

If you have anything else you'd like to add, please do so here:

Christian: Thanks to all of our customers who help make Brewista possible! 

 Christian and Paige RMNP

Christian and his wife, Paige at the Rocky Mountain National Park.