How Much Money Can The NutraMilk Save You on Almond Milk?

Brewista announced the release of its revolutionary new nut processor, the NutraMilk, this past December.  This award-winning appliance has since established a new category of kitchen electrics.  The NutraMilk gives you the ability to create fresh additive-free nut milks & butters in a matter of minutes!

We know that the NutraMilk helps you create healthy and delicious food and beverages, but how good is it for your pocket book?  Is the NutraMilk really worth the investment?  When will it pay off?

Let's break it down: A Closer Look at Almond Milk

First, let's analyze the competition: brand name almond milk. 
Available at most big-box retailers and restaurant supply companies, the average brand-name almond milk costs about $12.00 per gallon.  That entire gallon is made with just 72 almonds plus various additives, preservatives, and fillers that help stabilize the beverage and lengthen its shelf life, despite their potential to cause inflammation in the body.  Yuck.

Now for NutraMilk's Almond Milk.
In comparison, the average cost of almonds needed to make one gallon of Almond Milk with the NutraMilk is only about $6.00.  That's a 50% savings over the big-name stuff!  What's more, that gallon of Almond Milk you just made with your NutraMilk appliance contains not 72, but 368 almonds without all of those undesireable additives, preservatives, or fillers!  That's over 5 times the nutritional power!  

How Much Money can the NutraMilk help me save on Almond Milk?Side-by-Side Comparison of Brand name Almond Milk and Almond Milk made with the NutraMilk.
(Yes, there really are 368 almonds in the pitcher on the right.  You're welcome to count them!) 

Now for the fun part: Annual Savings and payoff of your NutraMilk

How many gallons of almond milk does your shop use in a week?  
In our research, the average specialty coffee shop offering dairy-alternative milks to their customers uses 10 gallons of nut milk per week.  At $12 per gallon, these shops are spending $120 per week on almond milk.  That's an average of $480 per month or $5,760 per year.  If the annual revenue of the average specialty coffee shop is about $215K per year, that means about 2.67% of your revenue is being spent on almond milk.

With the NutraMilk, divide that number in half!
For that same shop using about 10 gallons of nut milk per week, the cost per gallon when using the NutraMilk goes down to $6 per gallon.  This savings on ingredients means that a shop like this will only spend about $60 per week, $240 per month, and $2,880 per year (just 1.34% of your gross revenue).  The total annual savings on Almond Milk comes to $2,880.00 per year!  With usage of this volume, the cost of the NutraMilk Pro Pack would be paid off in less than 3 months!  

The NutraMilk can help coffee shops save over $2K on almond milk per yearThe NutraMilk can help coffee shops save over $2,000 on almond milk per year!

The demand for offering dairy-alternative milks in coffee shops and restaurants is growing as sales of non-dairy milks in the USA have increased by 61% since 2012.

NutraMilk Cost Savings Calculator

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