Brewista launching a new line of products, free of charge

Brewista Printables

CHEYENNE, WY. (December 12, 2017) – The innovations keep coming from Brewista. This time rather than just one new innovative product, they’re launching a new line of products called “Brewista Printables”. The best part is, they’re all free! The products are offered in the form of 3D printable STL files that can be downloaded at the Brewista website, The first set of products is slated to be released December 18, 2017 and includes two different platform extensions for Brewista’s popular water resistant Smart Scales. The platform extensions allow for two cups to be placed side by side on the scale while pulling an espresso shot. Additionally a file will be available to print a support that holds the Smart Scale platform level with an espresso drip tray (for those that are willing to cut their drip tray).

2-Cup Platform

“We are fortunate that people in the coffee industry often bring us ideas for new products but it doesn’t make sense to take all of those ideas to market. Some ideas solve the problems of a very small niche,” said Brewista brand manager Christian Krause. “A key European distributor asked about making a two-cup platform for the Smart Scale, but there’s not much demand for that in the U.S. Creating the design with 3D software was relatively simple and quick, so I put it together and showed it to Brian (Brewista president, Brian Gross).” That’s when Brian said, “We should just let people print it themselves.”
With that Brewista Printables became the latest sub-brand of Brewista.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about consumer products being 3D printed, but I’m not aware of any companies that offer their products for free this way,” said Krause. “We figure that if people are coming to our website to get the files for printable products, they’ll see the other innovative products we offer and naturally buy them.”

When asked about other printable products, Krause replied, “Currently we have designs for various size portafilter stands and encourage people to share their ideas with us on our website for other printable products. As we measure interest and gather feedback, I’m certain we’ll expand the lineup. Until then we consider this first round of products to be holiday presents from Brewista to our customers.”

While not everyone has access to a 3D printer, they are available at some public libraries. A simple Google search for “Libraries with 3D printers” will likely locate one near you.

Have you got an idea for a coffee-related product you want to print yourself and share with the world? If so, contact Brewista at Maybe your idea will be the next Brewista Printable.