Brewista Hosts LCCC Gear Up Students

The Brewista team hosted high school students from the Laramie County Community College Gear Up program yesterday.  This program assists students in preparing for college and introduces them to career possibilities with a STEM emphasis. 

We gave the students a tour of our Cheyenne headquarters facility and an explanation about who Brewista is and and what we do in the specialty coffee industry. 

In the spirit of exploration and innovation, we then challenged them with an experiment. They brewed coffee of different grind sizes to experience how just one factor can change the entire outcome of a brew.  In order to best control steeping time, the students used Smart Brew™ Plastic Steeping Filters to brew their coffee.  Our glass servers and Ratio Scales were also used in the brewing process.

Like true scientists, the students kept track of all of their important variables including grind size, grams of coffee, grams of water, TDS (total dissolved solids) readings, and total brew time.  Students then used the data they logged to interpret the findings of their experiment such as how grind size can affect TDS readings, taste, and total brew time.  They gained first hand experience using the scientific method in a real world setting all while having fun brewing delicious coffee!